"After gaining 30 pounds during my pregnancy, I struggled to lose the last 10. For nearly a year, despite the little time & energy I had as a new mom, I did everything I could think of, to get back into shape. My baby didn't do well in the gym nursery so the only time I really had was in the evenings when my husband would be home from work to watch her. So after a year of sacrificing time away from my family to get back into shape I felt like giving up, and just accepting that my body was never going to be the same again. 
    Just as I was giving up, I was lucky enough to meet Tara! Not only did she assure me that I could in fact get back into shape, but she really made it happen! I had worked with trainers in the past who despite months of training with them, I hadn't seen even half the result that I saw with Tara in a month! And now, 2.5 months later, I have lost nearly 12 pounds, and have gained even more muscle than I had pre-pregnancy! With Tara's training, and the diet she has helped me maintain, I look and feel better about my body than I ever have before in my life!"- Yalda
"I have been "Heavy" lifting for over a year and put on a good amount of muscle before meeting Tara. Yet, never being able to shrink my belly despite all the articles, supplements and routines.  I told Tara when I first met her that I wasn't willing to make the extreme sacrifices of giving up happy hours and enjoying food in order to make
the gains. She assured me that I didn't have to. I was on board.

In my first full month working with Tara - I reduced my body fat from 20.4% down to 15.6% - a loss of nearly 5%. While body fat was reduced by over 10 pounds - my muscle mass was INCREASED by 2 pounds! 
These results are in spite of the fact that I couldn't work out for an
entire week straight in the middle of that month!  Doing what I was
told only about 75% of the time, I have had incredible results and a number of unexpected side effects. 
1) My extreme sugar addiction (Seriously out of control for my entire life) has been eliminated. Through Tara's "Tricks" as she calls them - I fulfill my need for sweets - but without consuming any! 
2) My confidence in my workouts has skyrocketed having her show me the proper way to achieve my goals in optimal time. 
3) I haven't missed a single happy hour or dinner due to restrictions. Instead, I am far more intelligent with how and
what I order.
"- Brad
12 week Bikini Contest Prep Transformation
"Tara is a great believer of achieving your goals and testing your limits. She encouraged me to compete in my first bikini competition. She was there EVERY step of the way from helping me with my training, making sure I had proper form, my weekly diet plan, checking in on me daily, coaching me through posing for the stage and even did my airbrush tanning for the show! She was there to support and help me achieve my fitness goals for any competition that I wanted to do. If you are looking to compete, she is the coach you need"- Carmel
12 week transformation
"I've been dissatisfied with my weight ever since I gained the dreaded Freshman 15 (in my case, more like 30). And even though I saw the numbers and knew that I was inching my way into the "obese" spectrum in terms of BMI and body fat percentage, I never really thought it was a problem because I didn't look obese.
Once every blue moon, I would do a fad diet or do a workout DVD, lose some weight but then gain it back again. I was wrapped up in misinformation about weight training and held the mistaken belief that a healthy diet meant eating food that didn't taste good.
This summer, I had a renewed effort to truly commit to a change in lifestyle, as the mission statement goes, and Tara has been a godsend in terms of not only teaching me proper diet and exercise but truly being a source of encouragement. She is incredibly responsive to my needs and goals, which I feel is the best thing you could ask for in a trainer. If we want to talk about numbers, I've lost nearly 30 pounds in 3 months -- something I know I couldn't have done without Tara's guidance.
Long story short, Tara's awesome. If you listen to her, you'll get the results you want."- Sherrie
"Thanks to an amazing trainer Tara! If you are preparing for a shoot or show, she is the trainer to work with"- Jordan
"Tara is the most caring trainer you could ever have.
She completely transformed not only my body, but my concept of health. Through easy to follow daily workout routines, to how and what to eat, I lost 30 pounds in a blink, and felt better than I ever have. She checked in on my diet routinely, helping me make adjustments, never allowing me to feel guilty if I made a mistake, and genuinely caring about my progress. How do you thank someone for helping you create a better you? She helped me find my best self, and I am ever so thankful."- Andrew
"Tara is the best at what she does. When I gave birth to my son I was 207 pounds. After struggling for a couple of months and trudging along to get the weight off on my own I met Tara. In less than 5 months I was back down to my pre baby weight of 150 pounds. IT WAS NOT HARD. She KNOWS the tricks, the workouts and the nutrition. She taught me CARB CYCLING and the weight just FELL OFF. We maybe worked out 2-3 a week. She knows all the fun workouts like tae bo, pole fitness etc. I highly recommend her if you want to get into shape FAST. I could not say enough good things about my experience training with her!"- Jen
"Tara has been my fitness and diet guru for the last couple years and I'm grateful to have met her. Her expertise, humor and encouragement helps me to stay motivated and to make noticeable and rapid changes to my body. I've trained with her which is always kick-ass and always see huge results! Her diet and training packages include so much added value - she's available via text with effective tips and helpful suggestions to stay motivated and succeed. To boot she always has an upbeat, positive attitude and works with me to set achievable goals and reevaluate as needed. I've been able to stay committed with Tara's encouragement and remain accountable even if my diet or workouts aren't totally perfect. I know I couldn't have reached my goals without Tara's help."-Melissa